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For any infrastructure, big or small, one of the most important steps is building the foundations, which will tolerate the entire weight of that infrastructure. Structural engineers and geotechnical engineers will do all sorts of calculations before deciding the best foundation and its dimensions for a particular structure. If the calculations are not right, or if the construction process of the foundations has not been carried out properly, foundations may experience shifting or may develop defects much earlier than they are expected to. Climatic conditions and the shifting of soil can also play a part in undermining the foundations of a structure. This poses a serious threat to the building and the occupants of that building. Our underpinning specialists in Sussex are highly experienced and can provide you with a host of construction services, including various types of underpinning methods.

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How Can Underpinning Help?

Engineers have developed several solutions to address the above-mentioned problem. One of these solutions is underpinning. It involves reinforcing/strengthening existing foundations by either expanding the depth or the breadth of the foundations. The idea is to find a stronger layer of soil which can support the infrastructure’s weight effectively. Different techniques of underpinning are used depending on various factors. Once our engineers have scrutinised your foundations thoroughly, we will offer you the best advice regarding which type of underpinning foundations in Sussex are highly recommended. Underpinning techniques are also used when carrying out the addition of basements, floors, and cellars.

Underpinning for Safety and Security

Moving or shaky foundations can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. There is too much at stake. Hiring the right people for underpinning is imperative for ensuring that all this hassle is worth it. Our engineers and builders adhere to the highest safety standards and best industry practices to ensure that your foundations are reinforced for a lifetime. Our construction team will also ensure compliance with all building regulations and standards about foundation building/underpinning. Contact us today for availing of Underpinning Services in Sussex.

Our Underpinning Process

Foundation Analysis

Before our engineers identify the required type and size of Underpinning Foundations in Sussex for reinforcing your foundations, they will first examine your existing foundations to understand the extent of damage and identify the cause or causes of this damage.

Identifying the Type of Underpinning Method

Whether you want Underpinning in Sussex or anywhere else in the UK, there are three basic types of underpinning methods. These include mass pour/concrete underpinning, beam & base underpinning, and mini-piled underpinning. The mass pour technique is considered to be the oldest among all three. It is also one of the most common and simplest to carry out. The beam and base method is more modern than the other two methods and relatively sophisticated. Mini pilling is highly suitable for construction sites which are difficult to access and where transport of heavy equipment is difficult. It is highly effective and is quite common. There are several types of mini piling techniques, including helical piers, push piers and helical tiebacks. Our engineers will identify the method most suitable for the type of property you have. The choice for underpinning Sussex depends on several factors, including ground conditions, size of the infrastructure, budgetary considerations, etc.

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Site Excavation

The volume of excavation is dependent on the calculations carried out by geotechnical engineers and is carefully monitored to protect the infrastructure. The void will be filled with concrete to form a new base/foundation below your existing one. Our engineers will make sure that the integrity of the infrastructure is not compromised at any time and that the right foundations are built to keep your home and your family safe.

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