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Foundations and Construction Services in Exeter, Devon

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Foundations and Construction Services

Building foundations is the crucial starting point when it comes to constructing a property. Due to our diverse client base and the innovative ethos in working with clients and engineers, we encounter all aspects of foundation construction within our industry. 

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Mistakes can lead to structural issues down the line. Mistakes at this stage could prove costly. Here at UK Underpinning Solutions, we have the experience and skill set to assist you with all of your foundation needs. From rigid and semi rigid raft foundations to deep mass fill strip foundations to piling, we’re a team that can offer your project the support and guidance it needs.

We boast incredible health and safety credentials in addition to our engineering skills. We take a proactive approach to health and safety and keep every member of the team on the same page. This both brings cohesion no matter the number of parties involved and saves you money, time and resources while keeping everyone on site safe. 


We have earned an enviable reputation thanks to our commitment to performing our work to the highest standard while always being professional and keeping our clients’ specific needs in mind.

We also have a healthy contingency plan in place. We’re proud of our ability to adapt and our background and expertise makes it easy for us to be flexible. If the excavation process reveals some surprising ground conditions, we’ve already prepared by setting aside a healthy budget essentially for this stage of the project.

If you think our foundations services could help you and your project, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re friendly, approachable and committed to ensuring all projects we work on are completed to the highest standard, on budget and as efficiently as possible.