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Mini Piling Contractors Kent

Mini Piling Contractors Kent
mini piling Kent

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UK Underpinning Solution specialises in mini-piling and geotechnical drilling equipment, and we provide a wide range of affordable mini-piling solutions for all commercial and residential buildings. As an expert groundwork company, our mini piling contractor Kent team can skillfully install angled piles and pile groups.

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The Perks of Installing Mini Piles in Your Foundation

Mini piles are smaller in diameter when compared to conventional piles, and they can therefore support heavy weights while being lightweight and inexpensive themselves. An embedded hollow steel shaft is drilled into the ground for the most typical type of micro piling. With the greatest level of skill, our micro piling Kent crew installs micro piles and offers you the stated benefits.

  • Light and Compact

Mini piling rigs are light and compact and can easily be carried to the construction site.

  • Quick and Cost-effective Installation

Mini piles are quickly installed in the ground and are largely dependent on the condition of the soil. With suitable ground conditions, mini piles offer great load capabilities and can be installed efficiently and effectively.

  • No Inconvenience for the Surrounding Residents

Our mini piling Kent crew causes little interruption for the surrounding structures during the installation process. Screw piles don’t significantly harm tree roots or the soil around them, so they’re a great choice for environmentally sensitive areas.

Top Trending Methods of Mini Piling Used by Mini Piling Contractors in Kent

Our mini piling specialists in Kent can install mini piles using different methods and approaches depending upon the soil condition and project requirements.  

Augered Piling

If the ground is unstable, employing temporary casings in conjunction with augers is feasible to make it simpler to advance the bore. The steel reinforcement is positioned, and the pile bore is filled with concrete or cement once the appropriate pile length has been reached. The choice of concrete and cement depends entirely on the user’s preference. Our mini piling contractors in Kent use this technique on cohesive soils where augers are used to drill the ground.

Sectional Flight Auger Pilling

The areas with unobstructed ground conditions and low headroom are suitable for sectional flight auger piling. Our mini piling company specialises in dealing with hard landscapes. Our team is proficient in creating piles using the sectional lengths of hollow stem continuous flight auger. Due to the compactness of rigs, they are perfect for places with low working heights or limited access.

Mini Bottom-driven Pilling

Bottom-driven mini piles are effective and adaptable to many different kinds of landscapes. Our mini piling Kent specialists skillfully install a close-ended thin steel tube in the ground to dry the concrete plug. Once the pile is inserted to the desired length, the tubes are connected by a fillet weld. After that, a single bar of grout or concrete is poured into the tube.

Is Mini Piling the Best Option for Your Foundation?

During the construction of the solid foundation, mini piles create less noise and vibration and are preferred mostly by homeowners. A mini-pile typically ranges in diameter from 100 to 300mm and can reach depths of more than 50m. It is a viable solution for circumstances when piling is done in confined spaces and in highly populated areas. Additionally, our mini piling crew in Kent has successfully used it for large constructions like bridges and offshore wind farms.

Modern Equipment for Mini Piling in Kent

Our mini piling contractors in Kent use state-of-the-art equipment for all domestic and residential projects. To complete micro piling projects, UK Underpinning Solutions has a multitude of rigs in its inventory. These rigs are smaller than driven precast piling rigs, giving greater flexibility when entering locations with limited access. Being an experienced groundwork company, we use ultra-modern technology to provide mini piling services in Kent.

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Easy on-your-pocket Solutions

Our mini piling Kent team is highly considerate towards our customers. Therefore, we prioritise their needs and offer budget-friendly solutions.

Solve your Home Foundation Issues with UK Underpinning Solutions

Strong and Durable Foundation Services

Our strong and firm mini piles offer your foundation the greatest level of protection.

Highly Trained Team

We pride ourselves on the greatest level of competence. Our team members are highly trained under the supervision of groundwork experts in the industry.