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If you don’t want to leave behind the life you are living and move to a new place, yet you have outgrown your home, probably a house extension is then the best solution for you.

Moving to a new place is daunting and stressful, but the best house extensions can offer you a lot of additional space with a seamless transition from your old living style to the new one.

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A house extension may involve adding a home office, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom to your existing space; you can even consider adding an entirely new storey to your property. The options depend upon the results you wish to get and the budget you allocate. Your existing home’s structure is essential in determining how your extension can be built.

Building a house extension can be a fantastic idea to add some extra space to the house, and different reasons exist that urge homeowners to get one. These reasons could range from new members’ addition to a need for a separate space for work.

Moving house at once can be very costly sometimes, especially if you are planning to move into a bigger one; thus, a house extension is considered the best alternative. While it is cheaper than moving, the house extension cost largely depends on the extension size, materials used, and the final finishes. In case you are confused as to which route to take, you can consult our house extension contractors and get your house extension quote. 

Types of House Extensions

House extensions have several types. A few are detailed below:

Single Storey Extension

A single-storey extension is considered one of the most popular and affordable kinds of extensions. This includes building a single-storey room onto the rear or the side of the house. It is a simple project but has a significant impact as it increases the available space and opens the home up to the garden. It improves airflow across the house and increases home space at the same time.

There is the possibility of tweaking the existing floorplan to get the maximum benefits out of the house in terms of practicality, privacy, functionality and more. You can get the most reliable solution for your single-storey extension by contacting house extension specialists. Getting expert advice for the services you want is necessary if you wish for the outcomes you desire.

Double Storey Extension

If you are not comfortable with the lateral extension or want to maintain the outdoor living area, the second-storey extension would be the suitable option you are looking for. Your house extension builders will help you get all the permits and approvals necessary for the second-storey extension building. This type of extension is a bit more expensive than the single-storey but is known for opening a plethora of options that you cannot get with the single-story extension. These include views, breezes and, of course, a lot of space.

Double Multi-Storey Extension

These extensions can fully reconfigure the existing home plan by adding extra rooms, expanding rooms, relocating rooms – you name it, and the extension can offer you that. Again the council approval is crucial, but an expert house extension contractor can help you with the entire process. We blend the newly built extensions with the old structure to maintain the aesthetics of both.

Bespoke Designs Tailored to Your Needs

Every home extension is certainly different, and for this reason, our team at UK Underpinning Solutions works closely with you to understand the project details and briefs that meet your needs. All our solutions are customised to your requirements, from maximising your property’s space to selecting fittings and fixtures for your rooms, such as bi-fold doors and glazing.

Why Choose Us?

We are a trustworthy one-stop solution provider for all your construction-related needs. Choose us for:

  • Superior quality and craftsmanship
  • Highest standards against affordable house extension prices
  • Being on time and on budget
  • Emphatic focus on customer satisfaction

We are known for our unwavering quality and ensure your experience remains smooth and stress-free. Our extensions are a blend of outstanding functionality and aesthetics, merging perfectly with the rest of your space. We work with all styles, including contemporary, traditional, and classic designs.

Extension Regulations

Generally, there are not many restrictions concerning the development of house extensions, as most of them are permitted. But some regulations must be considered and adhered to. These include:

  • The extension should not exceed the height of the existing roof.
  • The material used in building an extension must be similar to the material of the existing house.
  • It is essential to take a permit while building a double-storey extension, especially if it is not following the above two regulations.