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House Extension; art of Specialists

Moving out of a house full of memories is not easy. Just because you want more space in your residence, house extensions Exeter cannot let you lose a place where you have enjoyed achievements and survived sorrows. We are here to accommodate you by extending any part of your house. Once you contact us, all you need to do is sit back and see the magic happen.

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House Extension; Alternate of New House?

Modern problems require modern solutions. House extension is the new solution to increase space in small houses. Is this even possible? Yes, of course, with our house extension builders in Exeter. We suggest accommodating you in house extension because this is a perfect alternative to buying a new house. Here are some reasons why a house extension is considered another option than buying a whole new property.

No Need for plan permissions

One of the values plus points of house extension is that you do not have to apply for planning permissions. If your residence is according to the permitted development rights, you can get enough space without difficulty.

Add Space According to your Need

Building extensions Exeter give you the liberty to add as much space as you need. There is no restriction or limitation to this process. All you need is expert advice readily available at UK Underpinning Solutions.

Experience Change with Limited Resources

House extension is a way to experience change with limited resources. It requires less money, time and energy and produces quick results. Therefore, this is budget friendly method serving its purpose fully. Additionally, the package offered by UK Underpinning Solutions makes it more light on your pocket.

Aesthetically Pleasing

You may think your house needs a little aesthetic touch with advancements in house structures. By extending your homes, space for aesthetically pleasing corners is made. The vast areas can be made according to your desire; thus, you can get what you have always imagined. Home Extension Builders in Exeter have played their part in helping the dreamers and are looking forward to assisting you.

Great Investment

It is researched that house extensions add up to 25% of the value to your property. This is a way to invest in your properties, and the percentage varies with your size and amount of investment. Moreover, this attracts house buyers and makes selling easier for you.

Our Valuable Services

Our house extensions Exeter team offers various house extension services. Each of them is tailored with great skill and work. These services include,

Bedroom Extension

Bedroom extension is most preferred because mostly our clients require space for an increasing family. House extension specialists in Exeter first jot down the expectation of the clients and then fulfil them according to their expectations. We believe that bedrooms play a major part in the comfort of your houses. Therefore, we offer our house extension services with the best of our skills.

Home Office Extension

During the Covid’19 pandemic, the world experienced the online era of work. Now, many have switched to online operations from home instead of renting offices. This ultimately leads to a need for greater home office space. Therefore, House Extension Drawings in Exeter provides unique ways to model your home office and give you a great working vibe at home.

Kitchen Extension

Imagine extending your kitchen space and enjoying cooking with your family, feasting over it and then sitting together for some family time. Is it not worth it? House extension specialists in Exeter design your kitchen keeping in mind this comfort because we want you to enjoy new space while building healthy family bonds. 

Dining Room Extension

If you love hosting at your place or want to relax at your dining table, this is your sign to get a dining room extension. Our experts add French doors, lighting and just the right accessories that guests are amazed and inspired by your choice.

Living Room Extension

The living room serves the purpose of accommodating the family size, lifestyle and goals. UK Underpinning Solutions value these three aspects of your life and bring out the best of your existing lounge by extending and designing it.

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Storage Room Extension

One of the most useful extensions is of storage room. Storage rooms can be made for specific storage, such as food or clothes. However, our practised team can design it in such a way that it becomes multipurpose. Therefore, we can be your best choice regarding beauty with benefits.

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