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Every structural engineer knows the significance of foundations when building infrastructure. It is not just important to build them right; it is equally important to select the right one. Our mini piling company in Essex This selection is based on several factors such as:

  • Soil quality (moisture content, soil behaviour, contamination, etc.)
  • Soil LBV (Load bearing value)
  • Presence of other structures (Adjacent buildings, trees, etc.)
  • Climatic conditions
  • Regulations and Restrictions

If all of the above check out, simple methods and techniques may be used for building foundations. However, for construction sites which do not have the ideal conditions, other techniques are used. One of these is mini piling. Our mini piling contractors in Essex have considerable experience and are highly skilled.

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Mini Piling Essex – Highly Suitable for Low-quality Soil

Foundations are either shallow or deep. The former is used when the surface soil is of high quality, has high LBV, and can easily withstand the weight of the infrastructure. Deep foundations are used when soil conditions are not suitable. For instance, the soil has a high moisture content or high cohesion. The LBV is very low. Climatic conditions prevent the building of stable foundations. Mini piling is a highly effective method of building deep foundations, shifting the entire load to deeper layers of soil which can withstand it. Whether you are building a home or a multi-storey commercial building, our engineers can provide you with mini piling services if your soil conditions do not allow regular foundations.

Our Mini Piling Services for Restricted Sites

Construction sites are not always simple. Many sites and sections in a construction site have limited or restricted access. Some may not be able to allow heavy construction equipment and vehicles. Some places may have very low headroom. For all these special circumstances, our mini pilings services are ideal. Mini piling is also ideal for construction sites which have sensitive adjacent structures. These may include other buildings which are sensitive to vibration or noise. For instance, carrying out a construction activity adjacent to or inside a hospital can disturb patients. Vibration can challenge the structural integrity of historical monuments, etc. Our mini piling Essex services are designed to address all these challenges.

Compromised Foundations and Our Piling Services

Buildings are usually built to last. Some historical buildings have stood the test of time, requiring little maintenance and repairs throughout history. However, at times the very foundations of a building may be compromised due to several factors. For instance, a shift in climatic conditions can change soil behaviour, the earth’s movement may affect the foundations, the foundations may not have been built properly, and natural hazards such as earthquakes may damage the foundations. Mini piling is a saviour for all these problems. It can be used to reinforce your current foundations and shift the entire load to deeper soil layers. Get in touch with our mini piling contractors Essex, if the structural integrity of your foundations has been compromised.

Mini Piling Specialists in Essex

Our piling contractors Essex team consists of civil and geotechnical engineers apart from architects. Our specialists will typically perform the following steps to identify and build the right mini piling foundations for you:

  • The ground analysis includes soil quality, soil behaviour, load bearing values, presence of adjacent structures, etc.

Why Choose Us for Mini Piling?

Our piling contractors Essex is one of the best in town as we are:

  • Most reliable Mini Piling Services in Essex
  • Complete construction team led by professionals.
  • Accredited and licensed company.
  • Comprehensive services
  • Highest safety standards
  • Compliance with regulations

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  • Identifying the foundations and their dimensions.
  • Ground clearance
  • Building the foundations

Ensuring Compliance

Every construction project has to comply with a certain set of regulations, including building regulations. These regulations set standards for selecting foundations depending on LBV and other perimeters. Some areas may restrict using noisy and disruptive methods for building foundations, such as housing communities, hospitals etc. Our construction team will not only ensure compliance with these regulations but will also coordinate with the regulatory departments regularly.

Methods Used for Mini Piling

The most common types of mini piling techniques include:

  • Sectional flight auger or SFA piling
  • Open hole augured piling
  • Bottom driven (Steel cased)
  • Top driven (Steel/Precast)