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An Effective Method to Support Weak Substructures

The best possible support for structures has been provided via pile building. If the surface foundation of the construction site is fragile or the structure to be built is particularly substantial, this method is preferred over others. Sturdy, frequently cylindrical piles are driven to shallow depths to support the foundation of your building. With years of experience, our piling specialists in Bristol are experts in dealing with all kinds of foundations.

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Why is Piling Required for Your Foundation?

Piling is a crucial component of a construction project to ensure solid foundations and reduce the possibility of subsequent subsidence or ground movement. Our piling contractors Bristol make sure that you get the right piling material depending upon a number of factors, including:

  • If long tree roots in the soil can impact your building in the near future, piling is the feasible option to minimise the loss.
  • Piling ensures to provide a strong foundation ready to uplift heavy structures, e.g. if you want to build the second and third storey of your house in future.
  • Brittle soil or soil that is saturated with water may not be able to sustain conventional foundations; soil quality frequently dictates the necessity for pile foundations.
  • Piling is thought to be a safer alternative if there is limited access for traditional footings and if existing neighbouring buildings are within one metre of the excavation site. Our piling contractors Bristol have years of experience working in congested areas and surroundings.
  • In some circumstances, piling is the best technique to completely remove any risk of collapse or ground upheaval.
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Piling an Important Foundation Element

Deep foundations called piles carry the weight of superstructure far below the surface of the ground. In essence, piles are long, thin axial elements that endow the ground with the weight of the superstructure by end bearing. Our piling contractors in Bristol are experts in the installation of the following piling surfaces.

High-performance Pilling Material – Wood Pilings

Wood piles have a long history and are considered as the most durable material. Our piling Bristol crew considers wood piles as a superb option due to a combination of performance factors despite the arrival of steel and concrete pile building. Our goal for any construction project is to complete it as quickly as feasible while maintaining our standards. Wood piles weigh less and don’t need high-tech¬†tools to be installed correctly. Our piling Bristol builders are proficient in placing wood pilings in your foundation.

Large Bearing Capacity – Steel Sheet Piling

Steel is a strong and flexible material and has a large bearing capacity to carry heavy loads. It adapts to many different circumstances and is a reliable material to use in commercial buildings. Due to its ductile nature, our piling contractors in Bristol prefer installing quality material in earthquake-prone areas. For a waterproof solution for water management situations, steel sheets are ideal for piling. Additionally, it is resistant to corrosion from chemicals.

Besides all the piling companies in Bristol, our company offers quality installation of steel piling sheets for the utmost satisfaction of clients. With our quality installation of steel piles, we also benefit the environment. Our piling construction in Bristol causes little oil disturbance during installation with significantly less chance of upsetting species, harming habitats, or having other detrimental effects on the environment.

Greater Durability and Strength – Concrete Piling

The fundamental benefit of concrete piles is their durability, which is unaffected by groundwater levels. Our piling Bristol team have the expertise to mould concrete in any shape, size, or length. Because of their size and bearing, they are more powerful for laying a strong foundation.

Underpinning and Newly Built Foundation

Before making a decision regarding your new project, our piling Bristol team conducts a comprehensive survey of the soil quality. If our survey reveals that the soil of your construction site is extremely poor, piling becomes a necessity. Our piling services in Bristol are of top-notch quality to offer a first-class experience to our clients.

Our piling in Bristol installs concrete piles to transfer the weight of massive superstructures such as bridges and tall buildings to the lower soil layers. We offer concrete piling in the following types:

  1. Precast concrete piles
  2. Cast in situ concrete piles