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Underpinning is a widely used technique to strengthen the existing building structure or foundation structures by extending the depth of the foundation and distributing the weight evenly to a larger surface area. Our underpinning specialists in Devon have years of experience in this major subsidence repair technique. In order to select the suitable method to strengthen the foundation, our underpinning Devon team first assists you in selecting an appropriate technique. 

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When is Underpinning Needed?

In most cases, the underpinning technique is implied when the existing foundation is not sturdy enough to support the structure. This typically happens due to the following reasons:

  • Due to moisture expansion, large trees nearby and faults in plumbing in your current structure, the soil has become weaker, and the foundation has shifted in some way.
  • The soil type was not studied properly before the installation of the original foundation, which later worsened this condition and produced the dire need for underpinning services.

 While in some cases, underpinning is required in the following cases

  • Due to renovation, adding an extra floor to your house increased the burden of your house.
  • New construction in the surrounding area necessitates soil excavation beneath the existing foundation.
  • Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes and drought have reduced the stability of the existing foundations.
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What are the Various Types of Underpinning?

Our underpinning Devon crew uses different techniques to underpin commercial and residential property. Below are the details of each category

Mass Concrete Underpinning

A traditional and commonly used method of underpinning is mass concrete underpinning. During mass concrete underpinning construction in Devon, our team excavates a section of the ground beneath the existing foundation in controlled steps. As this replaces the soil, the excavation depth is primarily determined by the presence of suitable bearing strata in the ground. Concrete pouring is used to fill the pits and allowed to cure before repeating the process for the next pit. To preserve the bearing capacity of your present foundation, the soil is replaced in box-shaped pieces in a definite sequence.

Our Devon underpinning specialists use advanced packing mortar to seal the gap between old and new foundations. This layer is extremely helpful in evenly distributing the weight. The new strong and sturdy foundation serves as a retaining structure that also aids in the retrofit of basement construction. We also increase the base width of your foundations; the imposed stress is distributed uniformly to the weak soil. This method is best suitable for shallow foundations, where the existing structure must be strong enough to span over the box-shaped underpinning pits.

Piled Underpinning

Our underpinning contractors in Devon are qualified enough to guide you about cost-effective piled underpinning schemes; where ground conditions are weak, piling has become a necessity. We provide a range of technical piling solutions for high-risk areas.

While underpinning foundations in Devon, we use the piling technique when firm soil layers are located at a deeper depth and superficial soil cannot bear the weight of the current structure. Other factors that contribute in favour of piling are restricted access to the construction site, environmental concerns about excavating soils and minimal structural movement during the piling process. Our underpinning team in Devon use steel cased piles that are further filled with concrete to form a strong foundation. The three commonly used piled underpinning techniques are

  • Driven Piles
  • Drilled Piles
  • Jacked Piles

Jet Grouting

Jet grouting is an underpinning technique to improve the stability of the soil. It is a ground improvement technique, and many people prefer this method to stabilise the soil. A grouting monitor is attached to the drill system to create in situ columns in the soil. Our underpinning in Devon specialist uses the grout monitor to reach the desired depth for efficient soil treatment. 

Foundation Repair Specialists

We work on all aspects of foundation repairing and strengthening. Our qualified underpinning Devon team will protect your homes by providing strong and sturdy foundations. Our underpinning services in Devon are of top quality to provide you with strong foundations, so you can think of constructing another floor for your property.

Soilcrete panels, full columns, and partial columns with specific strength are created for different types of soil using the jet grouting process.

Geopolymer Solution

 Geo polymers have been used for years for soil stabilisation and re-levelling of floors. This technique is particularly implied to increase the bearing capacity of existing soil structures. Our underpinning team prefers this technique to increase soil stability as it relies on chemical expansion pressure rather than highly pressurised hydraulic systems.