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Best House Extensions by Underpinning Solutions
House Extensions by Underpinning Solutions

House Extensions by UK Underpinning Solutions

Along with first-class house extensions, UK Underpinning Solutions also specialises in other groundwork services. Our company has more than three decades of experience stabilising foundations under their belts, earning a reputation as one of the best house extension builders in Devon.

Customer satisfaction is our firm’s top priority. We communicate with our clients throughout the process, trying to understand what their goal with the project is. Credited by CHAS and a member of the CSCS, you can rest assured that all services UK Underpinning Solutions carry out comply with British safety and quality standards.

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Equipped with state-of-the-art modern machinery, decades of experience, and the expertise of our civil engineers, UK Underpinning Solutions is your best choice for house extensions in Devon.

What are House Extensions?

As apparent by the name, a house extension essentially means adding more space to your property. In construction terms, however, it refers to the process of installing a stable foundation at the site where the extension is planned. This expands the covered area, increasing the living space of the house.

House extension is an increasingly popular and cost-effective option for property owners seeking additional space and maximising the potential of their property. However, it is a daunting task, especially for property owners taking it on for the first time.

House Extensions by UK Underpinning Solutions

Fortunately, with UK Underpinning Solutions and their house extensions services, you have nothing to worry about. Our firm handles everything from the design and planning to the execution of the project. We refuse to follow the one size fits all approach. Instead, we truly apprehend the requirements of each project and the modifications our clients need to tailor our services accordingly. 

If you think you need a house extension service, contact UK Underpinning Solutions customer support and book an appointment. On the scheduled day, our team of house extension specialists visit your property, conducting a thorough examination. 

This will help us determine the condition of your site, the extension options you have, and which is better suited to your household. You can give us any ideas you have in mind for us to have a better insight.

After a lot of brainstorming and consultation, our experts propose an extension plan that is designed to meet your expectations of the dream home. With that, we quote a price and approximate time required for us to complete the project. As soon as you give us a go-ahead, we will start working on the site. With our advanced technology tools and trained workers throughout the chain of command, we can wrap up the project with minimal time and fuss. 

Why are We a Good Pick for Your House Extension?

UK Underpinning Solutions is the one-stop solution to all your construction-related problems. Let’s find out why!

  • Bespoke Planning and Design

With each extension plan custom-made to suit your project, UK Underpinning Solutions accurately target the needs and wants of every homeowner. During our comprehensive planning and design stages, we try to grasp the idea our clients have in mind – what are they trying to do, and why are they doing it. This, in turn, helps us target their issues with an expert’s mindset and create solutions around them.

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For your dream to turn into reality, book an appointment with us for excellent house extensions services. For further assistance, contact our customer support staff via email or telephone. We can also provide quality house extension Drawings in Devon.

  • Innovation and Versatility

Using modern technology and the decade-old experiences of our professionals, we counter their space and accommodation issues with such innovation that they wouldn’t need another extension for decades to come. Most times, our clientele ends up surprised by the amount of functionality our home extension builders in Devon increase. We pride ourselves on the value we add, helping them along the way to make their lives easier. Living by our motto, we always leave our customers happy and satisfied in the end.

  • Fixed and Reasonable Pricing

While we are certainly not claiming to be the cheapest contractors out there, saying that we are the high-end ones wouldn’t be accurate either. UK Underpinning Solutions offers all its services, including house extensions in Devon, at competitive market rates.

Our company understands that groundwork projects can be one costly affair and probably one of the biggest investments in your home. While you need it to be carried out perfectly, it shouldn’t be too heavy on your pocket either. Luckily, UK Underpinning Solutions has you covered with their fixed discounted plans. So, you won’t face any surprises dealing with us.