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Mini Piling Contractors Exeter

Mini Piling Contractors Exeter
Mini Piling Contractors Exeter

Mini Piling- The Safe Way!

Any artificial structure is only as strong as its foundation. When it comes to construction, nothing is more important than the safety and material of the building. Whether a bridge or a highway, our mini piling Exeter team provides piling services that guarantee the utmost strength and security. Whether you decide to build on a soft land or concrete hard ground, our team for Mini Piling Construction in Exeter provides the best quality mini piles and installation equipment.

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Mini Piling in Construction

Mini piling is a type of piling that has a smaller diameter than standard piling. They are light, affordable, and can withstand high weights, and we provide mini piles that meet international standards.

Countless Uses of Mini Piling

We at mini piling company in Exeter ensure to provide our customers with the mini piles according to their specific needs under one roof.

  • Mini or micro piles are often used for underpinning and shoring applications to provide foundations for various projects such as transmission towers, highways and bridges.
  • As they have a smaller diameter and are lower in height, they are used in difficult areas or areas with difficult access.
  • They are also frequently used in restricted areas due to their high load-bearing capacity and flexible installation techniques.
  • They support and stabilise buildings, bridges, highways, towers and other manufactured structures as a foundation or remedial construction.

Factor-Based Selection of Mini Piling Technique:

Mini piling specialists suggest mini piling techniques according to different factors. Some of the elements are listed below.

  • quality of the soil or concrete
  • square feet of the area
  • Ground conditions
  • Depth of foundations
  • Type of construction

Countless Techniques of Mini Piling at UK Underpinning Solutions

Various techniques may be employed for mini piling. After a thorough inspection of the construction site, a suitable method is selected. These techniques include:

  • Bottom Driven Steel Cased
  • Top Driven Steel/Precast
  • Open Hole Auger
  • Sectional Flight Auger
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  • DTH Open Hole Drilling
  • Drill Bar Pile ‘Titan’
  • Contiguous Piled Wall
  • King Post Piled Wall

Worthy Benefits:

Mini piles used for mini piling in Exeter have many advantages, such as:

  • High load capacity in both tension as well as compression.
  • It can be used in the area of limited accessibility.
  • It can be easily penetrated both hard rock and soil.
  • Simple installation procedure.
  • Produces minimal vibration and disturbance to nearby structures during installation.
  • Even though mini piles cost more than bore piles, their construction time is less.

Our Construction Procedure

Mini piling contractors in Exeter follow steps to easily install mini piles to strengthen buildings, bridges and transmission towers. Mini piles can be installed using drilling, impact driving or screwing machinery. The basic steps include:

  • The casing of mini banks is drilled into the rock bed
  • The drill rod is removed with the steel casting penetrating the ground.
  • A reinforcement load bar is lowered into the casting for additional capacity.

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  • A thick mixture of grout is pressure fed into the mini pile casing and rock socket to ensure bonding and maximum strength.
  • The casings for the mini piles are lifted to the top, allowing bonding to the bar.
  • Excess steel is cut from the top of mini piles.
  • Mini Piles are capped to the engineer’s design
  • Different mini piles are used for load tests to prove engineering load design.

Why Us for the Underpinning Solutions?

We at mini piling company in Exeter constitute a team of hardworking and skilled individuals available at your service. Our team is ready to serve you whether you have to construct a new structure or extend an existing property. We provide lawful construction that is light on the pocket. Our years of experience and countless successful projects have made us competitive in the market.