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Underpinning and Foundation Specialists in Bristol
Underpinning and Foundation Specialists Bristol

Stabilising properties since 1993, UK Underpinning Solutions specialises in all sorts of comprehensive groundwork. Working in this field for decades, our company has extensive experience handling different projects. We tailor each one of our services according to what each project demands.

As specialists in underpinning Bristol, we offer a wide range of creative and economic solutions to your building’s foundation problems. Our firm provides multiple underpinning and foundation repair systems. However, which one suits you the best can only be determined after our team of experts and surveyors have properly examined the site and assessed your subsistence problem.

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What is Underpinning?

Underpinning is strengthening the foundation of a structure by increasing the depth or spreading the load across a larger area. Typically, this involves excavation of the soil from underneath and replacing it with a sturdier material like concrete. It works by adding extra concrete or steel footing under the building, providing additional support to the structure. This remedial process increases the foundation’s bearing capacity, allowing it to regain its structural stability.

Why is Underpinning Necessary?

Underpinning is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of a building, especially a tall one. Sometimes, foundations are fine without the need for additional support.

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However, there are several cases where carrying out underpinning construction in Bristol is absolutely necessary. Not doing so can be risky and compromise the stability of the structure. Some examples are:

  • Increased Load – With the addition of extra loads to an existing foundation, the need for underpinning increases. It is usually due to the addition of a floor or even expansion of the house.
  • Uneven Settlement – Due to asymmetrical loading of the building, an uneven settlement causes a difference in the bearing capacity. Underpinning becomes necessary when the load on the foundation increases.
  • Building a Basement – Building an additional structure, such as a basement, can pose a threat to the existing foundation’s stability.
  • New Constructions – New structures built adjacent to your property can result in the excavation of soil and de-stabilizing of the existing structures.

UK Underpinning Solutions is proficient in the assessment and design of your structure. We prepare all sorts of management and risk assessment reports after examining the site, carrying out the work safely, quickly, and following a high standard. Rest assured, you can trust us with any underpinning services in Bristol your property might need.

Types of Underpinning Services

  • Mass Concrete Underpinning

This is a traditional method of underpinning foundations in Bristol. It involves excavating weak soils from under the foundation (in sections) and filling them with concrete. This way, a strong foundation is built underneath the old, existing one. The method is straightforward, quick, and low in cost, but it works best with simple structures that have shallow foundations.

  • Piled Underpinning

In cases where firm soil is a few layers below the foundation, we opt for piled underpinning. The remedial system involves the removal of upper internal floors and installing a grid of concrete-filled, steel-cased piles for the structure to sit on top of. This transfers the loads from the existing foundation to the piles.

  • Jet Grouting

This method involves high-pressure drilling to create columns of grouted soil under the existing structure. A temporary steel casing is pumped into the ground to a predetermined depth, followed by a grout at high pressure. Then, the casing is withdrawn. The process displaces the soil, increasing compaction and stiffness. The stiff grout columns and the existing foundation provides additional support to the structure.

Fortunately, with the services of the top underpinning Bristol, you have got nothing to worry about. Our engineers, facilitated by our experts in construction, have all the tools, experience, and skills to handle your project with the utmost expertise.

  • Resin Injection Underpinning

A high-tech and effective method, resin injection underpinning involves injecting a mix of resin compound and expansive polyurethane into the ground using small bore injection tubes. This results in a chemical reaction, combining the two. The compound expands and turns hard, returning the building to its original level. Resin injections are the fastest and cleanest procedure, suitable for most soil types. However, it can be costly and requires an extensive range of modern technology and tools.