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UK Underpinning Solutions is a foundation contractors firm that offers all sorts of groundwork services. In business for more than three decades, we have been providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to all your construction-related problems. Even though we’re based in Exeter, our services are available across the UK without any additional charges.

At UK Underpinning Solutions, we have a professional, not to mention an experienced team of piling contractors who truly understand your needs and the outcome you’re trying to achieve with a specific project. They also navigate your options and help you figure out the best one for you.

During this long time in the field, we have worked on roughly thousands of projects, each with its demands, unique working conditions, and risks. Truly defined by our years of experience working on multiple projects, we offer bespoke services to suit your needs. With the experience, expertise, and resources we have at our disposal, UK Underpinning Solutions is well placed to help provide your next mini piled underpinning service.

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What is Mini Piled Underpinning?

Mainly used for larger projects, piling is a technique where concrete shafts underpin an existing foundation to transfer loads over to firmer soils. Essentially, this would solve subsidence problems and prevent any caused in the future by the addition of extra loads.

Mini piles, however, are a variation where shafts are comparatively narrow in diameter, making them small, light, and inexpensive. Mini piled underpinning is an increasingly popular option, mainly due to its cost-effectiveness, convenience, and the fact that it is ideal for a variety of different situations.

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Why Should you Consider Mini Piled Underpinning for your Property?

Mini Piled Underpinning is an efficient piling technique that has its benefits. Some of which might even compel you to choose this method for your upcoming project.

  • Quick and Easy to Install

Unlike most piling methods, mini piled underpinning is a very convenient technique. Due to the narrow diameter of piles and minimal equipment usage, it is considerably faster and easier.  

  • Works in Highly Restricted areas

If you’re working in areas with low headroom, weight allowance limits, and other restrictions, mini piled underpinning is a fairly good option for you. In tight spaces where the traditional equipment cannot fit, this technique offers the same support, that too with much more convenience and ease. 

  • Minimal Disruption

Mini piled underpinning is way less disruptive than the traditional piling methods. In conjunction with the last point, it causes less vibration, making it an excellent choice for construction works in confined areas with noise restrictions. Plus, it reduces the risk of destabilising structures nearby.

  • Reduces Carbon Footprint

Mini piled underpinning is great for property owners and organisations looking for an environment-friendly option. Typically, it uses less concrete and simple equipment, due to which the fume emissions and land waste is minimised.

  • Economical 

Most importantly, mini piled underpinning is a comparatively cheaper option than all other forms of piling. The reduction of time, materials, and equipment used during the procedure makes it a cost-effective option; and hence ideal for people with low budgets.

Reasonable Cost

Mini piled underpinning costs can be high. To relieve our customers, UK Underpinning Solutions offer reasonable rates and discounted mini pile foundation plans every now and then. So, if you need a committed, talented team with an eye for detail, the experience of handling thousands of different projects, and the resources to manage it all, look no more! UK Underpinning Solutions is the one-stop solution to all your foundation problems.

Mini Piled Underpinning by UK Underpinning Solutions

This technique is straightforward. However, it has to be handled with the utmost precision and excellence. Luckily, with our resources, you have got nothing to worry about. We start by dispatching an inspection team to examine the site and prepare a risk management plan. Then, we explain to our clients their options and try to understand their perspectives from an expert’s point of view. If appropriate, our operatives incorporate their idea for the project to produce an outcome best suited for your needs.

Types of Mini Piled Underpinning We Provide

The two main kinds of mini piled underpinning services we provide are bottom-driven steel cased and augered mini piles. With the first one, narrow hollow steel shafts are drilled into the ground and filled with concrete/grout forming mini piles. The steel casing is holding the loads; therefore, the soil doesn’t need any additional support. 

Alternatively, we use sectioned auger mini piles. Numerous flight sections are bored using augers. Then, it is filled with concrete to create mini piles. You can extract these sections while filling in the concrete or leave them in place, depending upon the stability of the soil. Accredited by CHAS, you can rest assured that every procedure carried out at UK Underpinning Solutions complies with British safety standards.