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Piling Services for a Stronger Foundation 

If you are new to construction work or already know about the foundation, piling is crucial for a firmer and strong foundation. Piling is done to strengthen the foundation by boring foundations through the ground along a predetermined length of the area. Our piling team in Sussex is proficient in dealing with all types and sizes of piling work.

Before starting the construction on the top, our piling building engineers make sure to protect the foundations of your construction site by piling. Piling is a crucial element in building to increase a project’s safety and dependability. Our piling specialists in Sussex have technical skillset that further encourages collaborative team effort to complete the task.

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The Ideal Time for Piling Foundations in Construction 

Several factors are taken into consideration while starting the foundation work. The key goal of our piling company is to ensure the safety and strength of your building. The essential conditions where piling becomes a necessity are:

  • When the substructure is not strong enough to lift heavy loads
  • When inadequate soil conditions prevent soil excavation to the appropriate depth
  • When there is a canal near your construction site
  • When soil at a little depth is compressible

Make a Decision Regarding the Piling type you Want

Our clients are given free will to decide the type of piling for their construction work, but our piling engineers assess the condition of the land to better guide you about the piling foundation for your project that’s the best fit. Our piling contractors generally classify the pile foundation based on the soil.

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Driven Piles 

Driven piles also known as displacement piles, are frequently used for stronger structures to transfer loads to rocks with the maximum capacity to bear heavy loads. Driven piles are commonly employed as the most economical deep foundation method to support buildings, tanks, towers, walls, and bridges. The use of driven piles occurs when the topsoil condition is bad or does not possess the bearing capacity to withstand the load from the superstructure. Our piling in Sussex team usually recommends driven piles for low-rise foundations. 

Board Piles

Board pile is state of art construction element used in the construction of foundations and other civil engineering projects. Board piles also referred to as replacement piles, are a type of construction foundation frequently used to support structures by shifting the structure’s weight to layers of soil with adequate bearing capacity and proper settling characteristics. Bored heaps are piles where debris removal creates a hole for an in-place pour of reinforced concrete. Our piling contractors, use this technique to construct friction piles and pile foundations adjacent to existing structures in cohesive subsoils. Our piling contractors suggest the board pile foundation for homes in hilly areas for better slope stabilisation to prevent landslides.

Screw Piles

For quick installation, our piling services include the installation of screw piles. For deep and strong foundation installation, screw piles are the best option installed with little noise and vibration. Our piling crew uses powerful hydraulic motors to apply the torque required to screw a screw pile. This method of installation, when combined with their load-distribution system, results in effective in-ground performance

The Installation Process of Piling Foundation

Our piling construction is durable and long-lasting to retain a good client base. Large volumes of wood, steel, or concrete are inserted into the ground’s soil during the process of piling. The deep insertion of these components ensures a more stable foundation for your construction project. We guarantee that the base is solid and safe. Our piling crew ensures that the piling is completed perfectly, guaranteeing the rock-solid stability of the building.

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Foundation should be given foremost importance during construction work. Our piling team carefully designs all aspects of the foundation. Honesty is our only guiding principle. While dealing with our clients, we work hard to accomplish every project in an honest manner. Our piling contractors pledge to finish all the work on the agreed date with our clients. We employ the greatest technology and equipment to ensure that all tasks are completed quickly and precisely.

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