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Mass-Concrete-Underpinning Services
Mass-Concrete-Underpinning Service

Underpinning is a construction technique used for reinforcing the foundations of existing buildings and other infrastructure. The need for underpinning may arise for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Loss of stability or strength of foundations.
  • A change in the purpose of the building.
  • Change in soil properties.
  • Construction of adjacent structures.
  • Structural changes such as adding a storey or more.
  • Natural disasters such as drought, flood, or Earthquakes.
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Underpinning may also be carried out for building new foundations in areas where other foundations are not feasible. Mass concrete underpinning is just one method of underpinning. It is also the most commonly used technique and involves excavating a section or more of the ground below your existing foundations. This is carried out gradually in steps for safety purposes. The volume of excavation is dependent on the location of high-quality strata of soil. Concrete is used for filling the excavated pits simultaneously. Each pit is filled and left to cure before moving to the next one. It should be noted that this technique is only suitable for shallow foundations.

Weakened or Damaged Foundations

If construction companies fail to identify the right type and dimensions of foundations and build those which are not appropriate for your building, the foundations will become weak much sooner than you expect. In such a case, there is a strong need to use underpinning such as the mass concrete method for securing the infrastructure. Leaving your building in such a condition will be highly risky for the occupants as well as your investment. Foundations can also be damaged because of natural hazards such as earthquakes. If you suspect any of these structural weaknesses, call us and our engineers will conduct a thorough inspection.

A change in Soil Quality

Soil quality keeps changing. However, there are seldom any drastic overnight changes. Climatic challenges such as global warming or natural hazards such as flooding may affect the quality of the soil.

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Water contamination and sudden shrinkage or expansion of soil can reduce its load-bearing value, in which case mass concrete underpinning is an incredible solution. Our geotechnical engineers will inspect your soil quality, while our structural engineers will do all the necessary calculations required for mass concreting underpinning.

Construction of Adjacent Structures

Although building regulations prevent the construction of adjacent structures that can undermine the foundations of your building, there can be exceptions. Construction of important public buildings such as hospitals may be unavoidable. Your commercial building, therefore, may require reinforcement. Mass concrete underpinning is a low-cost and highly efficient underpinning technique. Our construction team can reinforce your existing buildings if the construction of adjacent structures has affected your foundations.

Extension in Residential or Commercial Properties

House extensions or extensions of commercial properties such as the  addition of single or multiple stories may require increasing the strength of existing foundations. If you are planning any such activity, our in-house construction team can identify if your building will require underpinning. Our experienced professionals can provide the mass concrete underpinning for both commercial and residential projects.

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We have an Underpinning experience of more than a decade. Our construction team includes highly qualified and experienced civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, and architects. From carrying out an inspection of your foundations to providing remedial services, from building new foundations for residential projects to those for commercial ones, we can provide you with reliable and effective underpinning services. Contact us to learn more about our services and how you can benefit from them.

New Builds

Underpinning is a multi-purpose construction solution and can also be used for building new foundations. Mass concrete underpinning can be used for all types and sizes of infrastructure projects including commercial, public, industrial, and residential projects. With this method, new foundations can be built in locations with unfavourable soil conditions. It can also be used for areas which are expected to house numerous construction projects and where adjacent buildings can affect the quality of foundations. Some other reasons that make mass concrete underpinning suitable for new builds include the simplicity of the process and the low cost of construction compared to other foundation building methods.