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If you are looking for the most reliable piling services in Midlands, look no further. We are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and a highly experienced construction team. We provide piling services to all sorts of projects belonging to the domestic and commercial sectors. Our piling specialists in Midlands have completed numerous projects to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

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The Versatile and Highly Adaptable Piling Technique

Piling is an incredibly versatile foundation building and reinforcing technique. It is a technique which can provide solutions to multiple problems. Moreover, it can address challenges which other foundations building techniques cannot. It is an ancient technique, initially involving the usage of timber piles but has evolved into a highly sophisticated technology in modern times. From bridges to multiple-storey buildings, from homes to offices, piling is one of the most suitable techniques for building deep foundations. We have been providing various types of piling Midlands for a host of construction projects. We have our rigs, so you will be saving both time and money when you hire us.

Piling is Cost-Effective

Piling is often chosen as a foundation building technique for reducing construction costs. Even when ground conditions are adequate for other types of foundation building techniques, some piling techniques may prove to be less costly. They are much simpler to install compared to conventional foundations and therefore remain the primary choice of construction companies. We offer highly competitive rates for piling services so that your residential and commercial construction projects remain within your budget.

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Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piling

CFA piling is used for providing structural support to existing or new foundations. It is also used for providing earth retention when construction sites are close to other buildings. They offer a much quicker installation method as the piling and concreting are carried out in a single/continuous operation. They are ideal for flood protection, bridge construction, road construction, tunnelling, and residential projects.

Sectional Flight Auger (SFA) Piling

SFA is similar to CFA but is used for construction sites where there is little available headroom or where the soil is granular. Hollow stem rotating augers are used for drilling through the granular material till the required depth is reached. Cementitious grout is then pumped to fill the pile. SFA enables the construction of piles in highly resistant layers of soil. This technique is commonly used for industrial and housing projects. They are also highly suitable for areas where vibration can be dangerous to adjacent buildings. We specialise in providing SFA piling construction in Midlands. Get in touch with us to learn more about SFA piling.

Driven Piles

Driven piles can be made from timber, steel, or concrete. They are usually manufactured under predetermined conditions in factories and can be customised according to construction requirements. They are driven into the ground using drop hammers and do not require heavy-duty machinery. They make little mess and are easy to install. They do not disrupt adjacent strata of soil. They are considered ideal for soil with high moisture content and are used in a wide range of applications, including walls, bridges, jetties, retaining walls, etc.

Consultation for the Right Piling Midlands Method

There are other types of piling methods used by piling contractors in Midlands. However, the decision for selecting the best type of piling method should be left to our specialists. We will carry out a detailed site analysis, including a thorough study of the construction site soil. Our engineers will calculate the load-bearing values of different strata of soil to identify the best one. Geotechnical engineers will identify if the soil quality is adequate. Moisture content and response to climatic changes will be studied. The presence of adjacent structures, including buildings and trees, will be taken into account. All these factors will determine the most suitable method of piling.

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