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Offering all sorts of comprehensive groundwork services since 1993, UK Underpinning Solutions is one of the leading local foundation contractors in the UK. During these decades, we have had experience handling hundreds of projects, each with different niche-specific requirements and scales. Our talented team of concrete foundation contractors works hard to achieve your dream home, making sure they complete the assigned service within the given time.

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Foundation Repair Services by UK Underpinning Solutions

The foundation of every construction project determines if it’s well-supported or not. Having a properly installed and stabilised foundation is crucial to avoid subsistence issues or, worse, a regressive collapse.

UK Underpinning Solutions offers both shallow and deep foundations, depending upon what’s best for your property. So, whether you’re a homeowner, a building contractor, or an architect setting off on a new construction project, you can blindly trust us to carry out this and any other groundwork for your project.

Not to mention, our foundation repair contractors also restore your damaged foundations and any subsidence issues within. If you suspect any issues or that your foundation needs a retouch, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of surveyors will assess the site, confirm the issue, and propose an appropriate restoration plan for it.

Warning Signs that you Need Foundation Repair

While foundation problems cause great damage down to the core, more often than not, they also instigate some cosmetic and structural issues. Most of these warning signs are apparent. Therefore, knowing what they are and taking prompt action can save you a great deal of stress.

Some of the common signs of foundation stress include:


Cracks are a prominent symptom of foundation damage that occurs in your drywalls, chimneys, garages, ceilings, etc. Anything bigger than a hairline crack indicates serious damage, and you need to get a professional team to fix this immediately. Else, these fissures will reoccur and continue to grow.

Leaning Cabinets and Instalments 

Leaning instalments such as kitchen cabinets or closet fixtures could mean that the structural integrity of your property is compromised.

To make sure, start by grabbing a ladder and checking the top of your cabinets.

Sloping Floors

Not only do they pose a falling hazard for older people, specialists consider uneven floors the best indicator of foundation damage. To confirm, place a marble or glass ball on your floor and observe how it rolls. The standard gradient for floors is set at half an inch per ten feet. If you find yours to be more than that, you likely need the restoration process started immediately.

Exploring Options

In most cases, there are multiple approaches and solutions to a problem. Hence, our consulting experts list your options and help you choose the one that aligns best with your interests.

Foundation Repair – The Process


When you notice any damage symptoms, immediately book an appointment with us. Our team of foundation contractors and engineers will visit the site, analysing the structure of your property and determining any subsidence issues it might have. Since each property is different, our new foundation contractors perform a thorough examination, confirming the root cause of your issue.

Performing the Repair

As soon as we decide on a repair/installation plan, it takes us anywhere from 1-2 weeks to schedule your project. However, if you have a sense of urgency in the completion, you have to inform us beforehand. Once our technicians begin, it typically takes them around 5-6 days to finish a project. However, a few projects can also last weeks, depending on how extensive the damage is.

By the end, your damaged foundation will be as good as new. All of the foundations that our residential and commercial foundation contractors restore/install last for decades. Therefore, you can enjoy peace of mind for much longer.