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Concrete Ground Beam Foundation

Our Concrete Beams Construction and Foundations
Concrete Beams Construction and Foundations

Our Concrete Beams Construction and Foundations

Preparing foundations of housing, commercial, or public infrastructure, is not always simple. There is no standardised approach to solving all foundation problems. In fact, the same types of infrastructures at different locations may have entirely different foundation solutions. Extraordinary conditions often demand a different approach toward building foundations, such as concrete ground beam foundations. They are a quick, precise and highly reliable alternative solution with no significant difference in quality, strength, and longevity from other types of foundations. We provide comprehensive construction services, and our engineers can design and build the most reliable concrete ground beams for your construction project.

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Our Concrete Ground Beams are as Reliable as Other Foundations

A concrete ground beam foundation can be used as a substitute for different techniques, including concrete footings. Instead of building strip foundations and trench footings, a beam which is a concrete slab, is installed atop pad foundations or piles. Once fully dried, a concrete ground beam can support brick walls or blockwork. They are among the most common choices for residential plots.

Our Beams are Suitable for Challenging Sites

One of the benefits of using a concrete ground beam is that these beams can tolerate wide variations in soil conditions compared to regular trench footings. They are highly suitable for patchy terrains and sites with restricted access.

Reinforced Ground Beams for Reliable Builds

Our engineers use and prepare reinforced concrete ground beams. Ordinary concrete cannot be used for construction projects. It is reinforced either through mesh panels or traditional rebar. Reinforced beams are highly reliable, regardless of the size of the project. They have a much higher tensile strength. A ground beam foundation built with reinforced concrete is more flexible than ordinary concrete and therefore is safer during natural hazards such as earthquakes.

Our Precast Concrete Foundations

Our precast foundations are highly resistant to weather and are airtight. Our engineers will procure these foundations based on several factors such as soil type, load-bearing value, safety, footing design, etc. This provides us with the freedom to design your foundations exactly the way we need to. Our geotechnical engineers will conduct a detailed analysis of the soil quality which deals with various aspects such as moisture content, reaction to winters and summers, presence of buildings around the construction site, presence of trees, and the purpose of the building, etc. A precast concrete foundation, therefore, proves to be very useful because they have already been produced, keeping these factors in mind. They also reduce the room for error and save your construction project from any unpleasant surprises.

Concrete Ring Beam

Ring beams are a multipurpose construction element used for sustaining the weight of roofs, multiple stories, and numerous other structures. They increase the load-bearing capacity of foundations and enhance their integrity. Our reinforced concrete ring beams are manufactured to ensure longevity and safety. Prepared exactly according to construction requirements, our ring beams are used throughout the United Kingdom for building residential and commercial buildings.

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Whether you are building a commercial building or a residential infrastructure, hire the services of our engineers to identify which type of foundations are most suitable for your project. Our expert team is led by skilled and qualified engineers who have completed numerous projects to the complete satisfaction of our customers. They will start with a study of your soil conditions, identify the best type of foundation, design and prepare the foundation, and provide you with building services. We are a construction company that provides comprehensive services, from planning to compliance with building regulations and from building and finishing your construction project.